Take One - what The Suggestion Box is and why you care.


Welcome to the The Suggestion Box! We're a podcast where teachers get ideas.

This is a podcast FOR teachers, made BY teachers. If you love teaching and are looking for a way to improve your craft, while also being entertained, look no further. This is the podcast for you. This episode of The Suggestion Box is an introduction. Our host, Andrea Marshbank, talks about the WHAT, WHY, and WHERE IS THIS GOING of The Suggestion Box.

The Suggestion Box is NOT a professional development program or textbook-funded advertisement. We are NOT made by a company. The Suggestion Box is ONE teacher-host and ONE super supportive nonprofit trying to change the game of teachers teaching teachers. It's a fun way to learn about teachers all around the country who have simple yet impactful lessons, units, strategies, and more. These guest teachers are suggesting to you an idea that might be the unexpected thing you need to spice up your classroom! Take this chance to broaden your experience, learn about a teacher who is different from you, and engage in your professional sphere.

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Flint Hills Writing Project - They believe in teachers teaching teachers. Check out fhwp.org for more information or email them at fhwp.nwp@gmail.com.


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