Dr. Heather Caswell and Dr. Roger Caswell explain the origins of The Suggestion Box’s partner organization (and fairy godmother): the Flint Hills Writing Project.


Today, The Suggestion Box takes a journey back home to The Flint Hills Writing Project.

The Flint Hills Writing Project is a nonprofit organization that is the happy place of many teachers all across the state of Kansas. FHWP’s institutes provide professional development for teachers that is unique, effective, and incredibly hard to put it into words. Our host, Andrea Marshbank, recruited some backup to help in the form of FHWP site directors Dr. Roger and Dr. Heather Caswell of Emporia University. Together, they explain the best parts of the Flint Hills Writing Project.

Some of our favorite concepts being thrown around willy nilly in this episode include…

  • teachers teaching teachers
  • empowering teachers
  • trusting teachers
  • inquiry based professional development
  • meaningful friendships with other teachers

If you’re an educator in Kansas and are interested in getting more involved with the Flint Hills Writing Project, first of all, congratulations. You’re embarking on adventure that you’ll never regret. Second of all, check out their website at fhwp.org or email them at fhwp.nwp@gmail.com. If you live somewhere that is NOT Kansas, check out nwp.org to see what your state’s writing project sites have to offer.

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Partner organization:

Flint Hills Writing Project - They believe in teachers teaching teachers. Check out fhwp.org for more information or email them at fhwp.nwp@gmail.com.


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