Sure, creating an entire universe is difficult, but Brian Johnson explains that all students are up to the task.


Creating an entire universe is hard work, but our students are up to the task. Brian Johnson enlightens the host of The Suggestion Box, Andrea Marshbank, on how his students go through the process of creating their own universe, continent, people, and set it all to a compelling plot. All sorts of issues are considered in this interview, from a student’s perception of their own creativity to the very real struggles that all writers (students and teacher!) encounter. Mr. Johnson pulls in his own experience as a published author to create a dynamic unit for his students.

It’s more than a simple unit of English, social studies, science, or research. Just like the real world, it’s complex! Which is great, since it requires the sorts of skills that we want our students to master so they can thrive in the world around them. And if they don’t like that world, they can build a new one!

Find Brian Johnson’s writing at fatherthunder.blogspot.com and his own podcast, Coffee and Catastrophe, on Podomatic.

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