Why doesn’t grammar stick for students? Professors Michelle Devereaux and Darren Crovitz explain strategies for teaching grammar effectively.


Grammar is a subject that incites true fear in the hearts of adults and students everywhere. And as much as we’d like to think we are, teachers are not immune. English teachers are tired of throwing worksheet after worksheet at their students about semicolons with no results. Teachers of other subjects are tired of reading writing that is riddled with inexcusable errors. What can we, all of us educators, do together to help solve this issue once and for all?

The answer may surprise you.

Today, The Suggestion Box tackles grammar with the help of Dr. Michelle Devereaux and Dr. Darren Crovitz authors of the book Grammar to Get Things Done. Listen to the podcast, be amazed at their level of insight, and then shoot them an email if you so desire. You can find Dr. Devereaux at mdeverea@kennesaw.edu and Dr. Crovitz at dcrovitz@kennesaw.edu.

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