Annie Brock and Heather Hundley advocate that students (and teachers, too!) are more successful when they shift    their idea of failure.


What if we could teach our students to appreciate failure, rather than avoid it? Annie Brock and Heather Hundley make a compelling argument that we can do absolutely that. These dynamic authors of The Growth of Mindset explain how we can change students outlook on failure by making them aware of what drives it. Spoiler: it’s mostly fear.Having active discussions about brain plasticity, modern research, and avoiding shaming our students are only a few tactics that Brock and Hundley dive into in this episode of The Suggestion Box.

Interested in more of their work? Check out The Growth Mindset Coach, The Growth Mindset Playbook, and My Growth Mindset Journal all available on Amazon. Also, consider reaching out to them via Twitter! Annie Brock is @MsAnnieBrock and Heather Hundley is @HeatherHundley3.

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