Personalized learning for every student can be daunting, but Keri Lauxman gives sage advice. Plus, learn about her fluffy classroom pal!


Personalized learning for students sounds fantastic, but how can teachers implement it without driving themselves crazy? In this episode of The Suggestion Box, accomplished English teacher Keri Lauxman offers her real world strategies for how to make any unit, lesson, or class personalized for all students. Her strategies emphasize students’ choices in content, pace, and assessment.

And, for the first time ever, The Suggestion Box is coming to you with a SECOND suggestion in ONE interview! We were surprised, too. There was no way we could let Keri leave without talking about her classroom therapy dog and pal Roxy. If you’ve ever wondered what the process is to train a therapy dog while also convincing your administration to let your pup in the classroom, we’ve got your answers.

If you’re interested in contacting Keri to learn more about personalized learning or ask questions about Roxy, her email is klauxman@usd497.org. Also, if you enjoyed this episode be sure to subscribe to The Suggestion Box podcast for more education goodness and share us with your friends, family, and teachers.

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