When it comes to teachers in classrooms, more IS more. Maret Schrader and Serita Miller explain how co-teaching gave them the tools they needed for success.


Collaboration can be nerve wracking for teachers. We’ve worked hard to get our own classroom, design our own curriculum, and create an environment suitable to the students we know best. More than that, we know exactly what we’re doing. Adding another teacher into our classroom could mess up everything.

What if their  views on classroom management are different? What if their teaching philosophy is crazy different than mine? What if they step all over my carefully laid plans? What if, what if, what if…

What if it works out really well?

Working with others takes on a whole new meaning for Maret Schrader and Serita Miller when they decide the best way to hand a challenging class is to co-teach. Both English teachers were faced with a group of students that had significantly different needs, and these two capable teacher determined something had to change about their classrooms. They rose to this challenge by embarking on a quest of co-teaching. In this episode of The Suggestion Box, we’ll learn how Maret and Serita handled their classroom as co-teachers and why it took two teachers to make all the difference in the world.
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